Cap Guns

The Lawman is one of the highest-quality cap guns on the market today. The Lawman is a 12-shot cap gun that uses ring caps to fire. The Lawman comes standard with a holster, a belt, and the gun. This gun is a die-cast collectible toy pistol replica. You may have had a lot of cap guns in the past; maybe mini caps and the larger ones, but probably nothing like this! When you finally get it, you won't be able to wait to give a shot!

Modeled After the Real Thing

The Lawman, like all of the toy guns from Replicas by Parris, is designed after the original model. Our play guns are constructed with die-cast steel and plastic and are highly durable, able to withstand the punishment of the most brutal cap wars. Replicas by Parris is the most trusted name in toy guns since 1936, at one point offering cap guns, cap bombs, and cap rockets.

We Make Toy Guns that Look Real

Caps are cool. The guns we make that fire the caps are even cooler! For example, the Lawman from Replicas by Parris comes with an attractive holster that can be attached to your belt or to the belt that comes with the gun. The Lawman makes an excellent stage prop! More importantly, the Lawman and all of our toy guns are very safe, but cap products should always be used under the supervision of an adult.

Easy-to-Use Toy Guns

On the backs of our products, you will find instructions for use and safety and hazard warnings. For example, on the back of the Lawman's packaging, you'll find a warning, instructions on how to fire it, and how to open it. If you have any experience using cap guns, you should be able to use this one pretty easily. They all pretty much work the same, and you can use your new cap pistol in three easy steps as follows:

1. Release catch to open chamber
2. Open chamber
3. Load caps onto the cylinder

Does the Gun Come with Caps?

You can purchase the 12-shot ring caps that go with the Lawman from the convenience of your favorite device from our website at the same time you purchase your cap pistol. Be careful not to confuse the 12-shot ring caps with the 8-shot ring caps. At first glance, you may not know the difference! The difference mainly is in the size, and the 8-shot cap rings won't fit in the Lawman. Replicas by Parris recommends that you purchase your 12-shot ring caps with the gun, as they can be quite difficult to find sometimes.

Functionality of the Lawman

The Lawman was crafted from the original 1950's mold. The handle of the Lawman is plastic that is made to look like wood, and the barrel of the gun is metal. The cylinder spins, the hammer pulls back, and the release opens the chamber for easy loading. You can flip it back in true Western fashion and begin firing. Of course, the caps spark and smoke when you fire them, and they make a lot of noise as well. Surely, the smell of the smoke from the caps will bring you back to your childhood when you used to play with cap guns.