Cowboy Guns

For the best toy cowboy guns on the Web, check out our Cowboy Collection at Please note that guns in the Cowboy Collection have orange tips because they are required by federal law for toy guns. The orange tips are also for yours and your child's safety as toy guns with orange tips quickly allow law enforcement individuals and others to distinguish that the toy gun is not real. The orange tip can save a life!

Real-Looking Cowboy Guns from Replicas by Parris

At, Replicas by Parris, you can expect that all of our toy guns, both rifles and pistols, are designed to replicate original models. Our guns are typically made with die-cast metal and plastic parts, such as the handles, which are made from hard plastic and designed to look wooden. These add to the rustic quality and give the guns in the Cowboy Collection a real look. Our Cowboy guns are hand-crafted to look antique.

Cowboy Collection:

  • #4604B Big Tex Pistol
  • #4603C Big Tex Holster Set
  • #4604C Big Tex Pistol
  • #4601B Old Tex Rifle
  • #4601C Old Tex Rifle
  • #4602C Grizzly Rifle
  • #4600C Jefferson Rifle
  • #914 12 Shot Ring Caps
  • #915 Strip Caps

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Cowgirl Collection

Having a Cowboy Collection without a Cowgirl Collection wouldn't be fair! Replicas by Parris has been the most trusted name in the toy gun industry since 1936 because we deliver stunning toy guns with impeccable craftsmanship, durable die-cast metal, and hard plastic parts that are built to last!

The Cowgirl cap gun is perfect for girls who love toy guns. This gun is pink and comes with a belt and holster. Loading the caps is simple. Just pull the release back to open the chamber and load your caps, replace, and squeeze the trigger to fire.

The Cowgirl cap gun holds an 8-shot ring cap. The holster is attractive, displaying pink and white flowers and says "Cowgirl" on it. Also, the holster can work on any belt not just the belt that it comes with.

Don't Forget the Caps

Don't forget to purchase your caps when you buy your cowgirl or cowboy gun. At the time purchase, be sure to check which caps your gun takes as each gun may require different caps. Cowboy guns from Replicas by Parris fire loudly and create a spark when shot. Plus, the smoke from the caps adds to the western experience of holding smoking revolvers.

Check Out All of Our Toy Guns

Replicas by Parris invites you to take a moment and check out all of our toys guns online. Aside from the best cowgirl and cowboy guns, we also sell Civil War toy gun replicas, Western gun replicas, and military gun replicas just to name a few. If you need support or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out by phone or by email. We'll be glad to help you in any way that we can.