Roll Caps

Think back to when you were a kid, and you just got a new toy. The excitement you probably felt bubbled from your toes to the top of your head. It is amazing how much a toy can impact the life of a child. Children tend to make emotional connections and attachments to toys that mean a lot to them. This can be because a special person bought them the toy, or it can be because the toy brings them so much happiness. Toys in today’s market just are not what they used to be in terms of quality or price. Finding toy guns on the shelves on retail stores is getting more difficult due to the stigmas that surround them. Parents are shying away from buying their kids these types of toys just for that reason. It is sad that a whole generation of kids could miss out on the joys of toy guns.

Playing Cops and Robbers with Cap Guns and Roll Caps

Cap guns and roll caps were all the rage in the late eighties and early nineties. Most kids of that generation had a cap gun of their very own that they chased around imaginary bad guys with. Most kids used these toy guns to play cops and robbers and other games involving imagination. These toys are completely harmless and cost friendly, which should make them roaring in popularity, but you would be surprised. The reintroduction of cap guns to children has come upon us. No longer will children be forbidden from playing games where they got to reprimand the imaginary villain. Children can once again pretend to be cowboys that tame the Wild West. It is about time these toys integrated back into everyday society without any stigmas.

Studies Regarding Toy Guns and Gun Violence

Many recent studies have shown that there is no direct connection between toy guns and gun violence. You think this information would be enough to prevent people from making a stink about kids playing with toy guns, but you would be wrong. While some toy stores are shying away from stocking toy guns, that is not the case with Parrish Toys. At Parrish Toys, we are pushing to bring the toy gun back to the top of the market where it belongs. Toy guns allow kids to use their imaginations by engaging in games where they pretend to be heroes. If you are looking for the best toy guns on the market, you need to visit our shop to check out our impressive inventory. When it comes to cap guns, we have all of the top brands that you remember from back in the day. Let us help you introduce your child to the exciting and fun world of toy guns.

Popping Cap Guns for Fun

Contact our team at Parrish Toys to learn more about the types of cap guns and cap rings we provide. Instead of popping caps in the name of violence, kids can start popping cap guns for fun.