Rubber Band Shooter Gun

Anyone who is in the market for a rubber band shooter gun or any other type of toy gun should rely on Parrish Toys. Parrish Toys was once known as Parrish Manufacturing Company only ten short years ago. In the past, Parrish was associated with quality woodworking. It was our reputation for woodworking and quality work that lead the United States Army and Navy to ask our company to develop training rifles for the new recruits that were coming in during World War II. There were not enough training rifles to accommodate all of the new incoming troops. Something needed to be done, so our company created wooden training rifles as a temporary solution. It was not until long after the war ended that we decided to change the route of our future.

Our Introduction into the World of Toys

When the need for wooden training rifles was over, our company decided to make the leap into manufacturing toy guns. The rest is ancient history, as we have become a leading name in the toy gun industry. Our services are nothing short of extraordinary due to our commitment to quality and a close eye for details. Our toy guns are made with die cast metal so that they appear to look like the real deal. We have grown highly skilled in creating toy gun replicas from different periods in history. Kids from all over have fallen in love with our frontier and cowboy toy gun collections. Kids are not the only ones who love what we have to worry at Parrish Toys. Many adults have found themselves drawn into our selection of toy guns. With our low pricing options, we make it affordable to collect our products.

Using Toy Guns to Spark Imagination

Many people don’t think that toy guns have a place in today’s modern age, but toy guns can be used to spark the imagination in children. Kids can use our toy guns to pretend to be cowboys upholding the law of the West, or they can pretend to be making their way through the wilderness with one of our Kentucky rifle replicas. The possibilities are practically endless because the imagination is the key to the adventure. Not many modern toys encourage kids to use their imaginations in the way that toy guns do, which is one of their many benefits. Toy guns can teach kids how to respect firearms, which is a valuable lesson to learn regardless of how old you are.

Great Deals on the Hottest Toy Guns

From cap guns that go bang to toy musket replicas, you will find a little bit of everything in our inventory at Parrish Toys. There has never been a better time to reach out to our staff if you have any questions regarding the various types of toy guns that we offer. Our team looks forward to sharing our finest creations with you and your children. It is our mission to make our top of the line toys accessible to all who have a love for toy guns.