Toy Cap Guns with Holsters

Are you looking for toy cap guns with holsters? Parris Toys has a large selection of incredible replica guns that children will love.

Why Choose Toy Cap Guns with Holsters?

Toy cap guns remind us all what it was like to pretend to be a cowboy when we were young. We had lots of "low tech" fun riding our trusty steeds and catching bank robbers and villains. The smell of a recently popped cap for toy guns with holsters brings back beautiful memories of childhood fun.

Children require lots of active play, which includes exercise. Running and hiding, interacting with fellow "lawmen" or even "bandits" helps get them off the couch and unplugged. Plus, what cowboy or cowgirl wouldn't want the perfect toy cap guns with holsters? You can purchase double six-shooters like our "Scout Double Holster Set."

Children can even practice their "quick draw" and become lightning fast. There is no end to the creative play. When they pull the trigger, a big bang lets them know they hit their target. Pretend game is essential in a child's life.

Are There Different Types Of Caps?

There are several different types of "ammo" or caps for toy cap guns with holsters. It depends on what kind of pistol you have. We currently sell the following:

  • 270 Semi-Auto Bolt Action four Ejecting Bullets for the 270 Bolt Action Rifle
  • 270 Semi-Auto Bolt Action—4 Ejecting Bullets & Magazine
  • Cowboy Collection 8 Shot Ring Caps--160 Single Action Shots
  • Cowboy Collection12 Shot Ring Caps--144 Single Action Shots
  • Cowboys Roll Caps--1200 Shots
  • Model 20 Big Game Rifle-- 10 Plastic Balls
  • Pull Off Caps For Parris Single Shot Cap Rifles & Pistols—144 Single Shot Caps
  • Single Shot Strip Caps—208 Single Action Shots
  • Upland Hunter 12-gauge Shotgun Caps & Shells—Two 12 gauge Shotgun Shells. One Extractor. 40 Action Caps

When you purchase a toy gun, it will tell you what type of "ammo" you will need to keep your little cowgirls and cowboys happy. You will find that keeping an ample supply on hand is beneficial for you and your children. Even adults have a blast re-creating old west scenarios. It is a perfect way for you to pass the afternoon and spend quality time together. 

Are Toy Guns Okay to Play With?

Yes. Play guns are less about gun violence but more symbols of power. A toy gun represents leadership, authority power, and control. These are all adult issues, and children use "play" to learn. Pretend weapons allow children to sort out some of these issues in safety through play.

Playing with arms also has a developmental value and helps children understand the world they live in their roles, gender roles, early beliefs about evil, vulnerability, and power. They have adult role models, plus there are the media, friends, and children they attend school with. Play helps them make sense of their place in society. Set rules about pretend play, such as no pointing guns at faces, family members, or pets. Make sure your children are educated about real guns and know teach what the rules are about real guns. 

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