Toy Guns

Long before Lightsabers and laser tag, the die-cast cap gun was king. That was back when Toys-R-Us meant Toys-By-Us - American-made play things built to last a childhood and beyond. Many of us can still smell the cap smoke from our childhood, and whoever said, "Toy guns are just for kids" was wildly mistaken! There are few things that can bring the kid out of an adult and there are few things that give us a sense of nostalgia more than our favorite toy guns from youth. Replicas by Parris is where you can find yours.

Hold Your Favorite Classic Toy Guns in Your Hand Again

There's a lot of zinc in the older guns, which makes them a more expensive toy today. You can drop those classic guns a thousand times over and they'd still work! At Replicas by Parris, you can find your favorite 1950's and 60's Marshall cap guns from childhood, the Maverick .45, the Bronco .44, and the Dynamite Derringer, in addition to countless other classic toy pistols and rifles. These are all zinc die-cast guns with plastic grips that were designed to take a beating.

Kids Still Love Cap Guns

Most little boys and many little girls love playing with toy guns even in this anti-gun climate that we're living in. Thinking back on your childhood, if you are a man, you probably have great memories of playing with kids guns. Cap guns, squirt guns, and other fake guns that fired plastic balls; some looked real and same made sounds when you squeezed their triggers. They brought about a sense of adventure as a child. Plastic guns never inspired you to hurt anyone, and you did not turn out to be violent as a result of playing with them. More importantly, neither will your children!

Even today, with all of the great technology and video games that exist, your family can still have lots of fun with cap guns.

Toy Guns for Adults

There is good news for adults in search of nostalgia. Replicas by Parris is the most trusted name in the play gun industry and has been since the 1930s. You probably played with our guns when you were a kid! Well, you'll be happy to know that we still have the same guns we had back then, and you can order them easily from our website.

What kinds of Guns do We Sell?

Replicas by Parris only makes play guns that are modeled after originals from their respective eras. That's why the word 'Replicas' is in our company name. Find and order your favorite play guns easily from our website, and choose from the following categories:

  • Hunting Rifles
  • Hunting Pump Shotguns
  • Frontier Pistols
  • Frontier Rifles
  • Western Rifles
  • Flintlock Frontier
  • Military Rifles
  • Parade Rifles
  • Camouflage Guns
  • California Frontier Rifles and Pistols

Guns Have Evolved 

When most of us were children, we loved our toy guns. Compared to the ones that exist now, the older play guns were simple and boring! So how much more fun will your kids have with modern play guns modeled after today's best military-grade weapons! Browse our store to see all of our guns.