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Few things can bring back the good times of childhood like a favorite toy gun can! Replicas by Parris is the leading brand when it comes to toy guns, and we have the largest variety of classic and modern toy guns for sale online. On our website, you'll find great toys for every member of your family.

Check Out Our Dual Western Air Guns

The Safety Bullet Suction Cup Shooter comes western style with two guns, two holsters, and a nice supply of suction darts. This product was designed for children ages 5+. However, Replicas by Parris recommends that a responsible adult be present with children when using the Western Air Gun. The suction cup safety bullets should never be fired at the eyes or face, although serious injury is not a threat with this product.

How it Works

If you are a bit older, you may remember the old-time air guns that fired suction darts. You just load the dart in the barrel and squeeze. The same science applies to the Safety Bullet Suction Shooter, but loading is a little different. The dart loads in the front and the gun is spring-loaded. You load your dart, pull the spring back, and fire the trigger.

All Replicas by Parris Products are High-Quality

The Safety Bullet Suction Cup Shooter is a great toy for children because it actually fires something rather than simply making a 'POP' noise! Replicas by Parris guns aren't Dollar General-quality products either - these really work! Plus, they will last a long time if cared for, whereas DG and Family Dollar guns might last an hour before they come apart.

These darts fly with lots of velocity, and they actually stick to surfaces quite nicely. At some point, it is only natural that the suction cups will wear, and you will have to replace them, but this is a cheap fix. The guns themselves should last a long time.

Our Air Guns are Strong and Accurate

When aiming, you can change your angle because the Safety Bullet Suction Cup Shooter allows you to adjust your aim. These guns are very accurate up to ten feet. Keep in mind whether using these yourself or letting your children use them, it's best to use them in a closed environment because the darts can be lost easily.

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Replicas by Parris has lots of neat toy guns for sale, including rifles, pistols, air guns, cap guns, and more. We also sell projectiles and other products. Be sure to bookmark our webpage in your favorite browser for one-click access to our site any time. When you have a few moments extra, check out our toy guns, even if just for fun. We know you'll love them!

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