Toy Replica

Parrish Manufacturing Company has a long and interesting history that dates all the way back to the start of World War II. During this time in history, draftees were being called to Navy and Army training by the masses. However, there were not enough rifles available to train all of the draftees that were flowing in to do their part for their country. So, when the Department of Defense asked Parrish Manufacturing Company to create dummy training rifles for the new recruits in need of training, we immediately agreed. Since our company was already known for being experts in the field of woodworking, we knew how to approach the task. Until real training rifles could be provided to the troops in training, it was up to our company to provide a solution.

Branching Out to New Areas of Manufacturing

At the end of the war, our company needed to adjust and evolve to the new world of business. There no longer was a need for wooden training rifles. That is the point in time when our production lines made the switch to begin manufacturing toy guns. With the same care, quality, and dedication that was used in the creation of the training rifles we developed for the Navy and Army, we began to manufacture quality toy guns for the masses. As time passed, our production and manufacturing lines evolved to keep up with the times. We strived to provide outside of the box solutions that were creative and affordable. Over the years, we have always taken a great amount of pride in the quality of our work. We believe that any job worth doing should be done to meet the highest standards.

Recreating History: Toy Replica of Guns Throughout History

Our company didn’t want to be boxed in to only developing military toy guns, which is why we branched out into pistols, rifles, and muskets. In the past, we have commemorated the Civil War by replicating pistols and muskets from that era. Our company proudly made is possible for children to experience replicas of toy guns throughout history. Replicas of Davy Crockett’s rifles were also produced by our company during this time. Cowboy pistol holsters and frontiersman style guns were raging in popularity as movie stars like John Wayne shined on the silver screens of Hollywood. Kentucky pistols and rifles that were notoriously carried by the most well-known frontiersmen, like Daniel Boone, grew in popularity like wildfire. Both little boys and little girls alike donned their toy replica guns and bravely went wherever their imagination took them.

From the American Revolution to the Era of Cowboys

At Parrish Toys, we have toy gun replicas that range from the time of the American Revolution to the era of the cowboys. We are known best for our high quality die cast toy cap pistols that use plastic ring caps to create a real life bang. Our timeless toys have entertained children for decades. You can just bet we will be around for children in the future.