Toy Replica Gun

In the real world, guns serve a variety of practical purposes in everyday life. For example, hunting, self-defense, and military are areas of life where guns are necessary. At Replicas by Parris, we believe that the best toy guns are the ones that emulate the real ones closest. Whether classical or modern, toy guns are just more fun when they look and feel real. For this reason, we can proudly say that all of our toy guns replicate real ones, and you will have hours of fun playing with your kids.

All of our Toy Guns are Safe

With such a large variety of toy gun replicas to choose from at, we recommend you take your time to view all of our products before you decide which ones you want most for you or your child. Our guns are safe, and even the air guns that we sell pose no serious risk of harm as long as parts are not swallowed, instructions are followed, and children under the recommended age of use are restricted from using them.

As an added measure of safety, Replicas by Parris advises parents and guardians to supervise the use of young children's play with toy guns, particularly the ones that fire projectiles.

Why Toy Guns?

Guns are one of the items that capture the essence of their era as much as popular music, TV, and world events do. That is why many older people experience nostalgia when they see an old Dynamite Derringer cap gun. On top of that, children aren't the only ones who use our toy gun replicas. Many baby boomers and adults have toy gun collections, and Replicas by Parris is the number one source for modern and classic toy guns. People know that they can find their favorite childhood guns at our store.

Replicas by Parris Offers the Best Variety

We sell a variety of toy guns. For this reason, we recommend that you browse all of our products. We sell toy rifles, pistols, air guns, cap guns, crossbows, and more. Plus, we sell caps, suction cup safety bullets, orange tips, and other toy gun accessories. If it's been a while since you've seen toy guns, we invite you to check out our military rifles as these are some of the best toy gun replicas on the market today.

Finding Guns is Easy with Us

Find your favorite toy replica guns by category. Parris Manufacturing Company makes it easy to choose the guns you love. Simply click on one of the following menu options on our website to see all of our real-looking toy guns:

  • Hunting Rifles
  • Hunting Pump Shotgun
  • Frontier Rifles
  • Frontier Pistols
  • Flintlock Frontier
  • Western Rifles
  • Camouflage Guns
  • Military Rifles
  • Parade Rifles
  • California Rifles and Pistols
  • Western Cap Pistols
  • Wild West Sets
  • Cowboy Collection/Cowgirl Collection
  • Civil War Holster Sets
  • Crossfire Rifles and Pistols
  • Detective and Secret Agents
  • Mini Cap Guns

We also sell Western air dart guns, game targets, and Backcountry Airsoft Soft Plastic Pellet Guns among many other items. As you can see, when it comes to toy replica guns, nobody can hold a candle to Replicas by Parris.